Manchester united

Por Oscar E. Gastélum: “So, this is terrorism’s perfect expression: the random massacre of kids coming out of a pop concert they’d no doubt been looking forward to and talking animatedly about [...]

Bienvenidos a Israel

Por Oscar E. Gastélum: “We shall be better able to understand this situation,if we view the present discontents of the Middle East not as a conflict between states or nations, but as a clash [...]

No Country is an Island

Por Oscar E. Gastélum: “Wherever on this planet ideals of personal freedom and dignity apply, there you will find the cultural inheritance of England.” Karel Capek Sé muy bien que el pueblo [...]

Un an après…

Por Oscar E.Gastélum: “Un creyente puede blasfemar en la medida en que blasfemar tiene un significado para él. Un no creyente, pese a todos sus esfuerzos, no puede blasfemar. Dios no es sagrado [...]